About Us

Organization legal status:

NGO “Jahon” is registered in the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Tajikistan.

NGO was established in 1998 by a group of like-minded persons. In October, 1998 NGO obtained the certificate on state registration of organization. The board of directors consists of 5 persons. There are 10 volunteers and 15 members of organization.


Promote building of civil society; strengthen peace and accordance in Tajikistan through interaction with non-governmental organizations, representative of executive bodies of government and with local self-management institutions and business structures to protect right and freedoms of citizens of Tajikistan.

NGO’s activity:

1. Distribution the maintenance of legislation, directed on the human rights, among target group;

2. Work with power structures of the state with the purpose of increase of the warranties of a protection of human rights in democratic society;